Customer Spotlight: Environmental Portraiture

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12x8 Bunny Edit12x8 Bunny Edit

We recently had the pleasure of going out on location to photograph two dogs, four chickens and five rabbits, after their owners won a prize in a prize draw at a local show. As much as we enjoy our studio sessions, it makes a bit of a change to go out and shoot on location (and it makes for some lovely colourful settings too!) The animals are all rescued animals – their owner works at a rescue centre, fell in love with each of them and brought them home. Although the forecast predicted storms, the weather seemed to be holding up when we set off.

The two dogs were very bouncy and eager to meet us! We started off with some fun action shots of them playing, with the weather on our side (the sun even peeked out from behind the clouds occasionally). Once they'd run off a bit of steam, we also got some lovely shots of them sitting together and with their owners. Then the dogs were moved inside, and the chickens were let out of their pen to roam around and even had some watermelon to snack on. After we'd got some nice shots of the chickens, it began to rain, and so we moved inside for the rabbit shots.

The rabbits didn't all get along, and so we shot them separately in 3 sets. We had in mind at the time how we would edit them together, and so we shot in a way we knew would work well for the edit. Once we were happy we'd got some lovely shots of all the animals, we said our goodbyes and headed back to the studio.

We had great fun putting designs together with the images afterwards, but it was tough cutting down the images as there were so many lovely ones! We created a bunny edit where we put all the rabbits together around a box, instead of just having one or two of them in each shot. When the owners came in to view and choose their photos, they were over the moon with them. They purchased a disc of images, and a wooden multi for the wall (our fairly new product, designed and handmade by us – you won't find it anywhere else!)

Below are some of our favourite shots from the day. For information about our environmental portraiture, send us a message from our 'contact' page.


~ Mat & Jo

Bunny MultiBunny Multi

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