Ph2o Photography: Blog en-us (C) Ph2o Photography (Ph2o Photography) Sat, 14 Jul 2018 13:28:00 GMT Sat, 14 Jul 2018 13:28:00 GMT Ph2o Photography: Blog 120 85 World Youth Skills Day: Paige's Perspective ‘Photography is from the heart, it’s not about the technical stuff


My name is Paige and I am currently on work experience at Ph2o Photography Studio. I have always had a passion for photography but had little experience and knowledge about it. Until I came here, I didn’t know that the flash on the camera can set the lights in the studio off, if set up correctly, or how to create the most effective and interesting portraits. I have learnt about the quality of photos, how certain settings on photoshop can affect the quality of them, and how to create edits that families will be proud to display in their homes, and that was all in the first four days of being here.


On Friday, I took some photos of a dog that was brought into the studio in a similar style to these shots:

orr_8644orr_8644 bailey_3759bailey_3759












I thought I would tell you about photography from my perspective, a beginner’s perspective. One of the photographers here, Mat, told me that ‘photography is from the heart, it’s not about the technical stuff’. I used to think that an effective photograph was due to the high-tech equipment used for it, but it’s about how much passion you put into it. A photograph isn’t going to turn out how you want it if you don’t take pride in what you are trying to achieve. It’s more than just holding a camera up and pressing the shutter button; There’s a lot that goes into taking an impressive photo.


If you are just starting out in photography, firstly, think about what type of photography you are interested in, whether it’s portraits or landscapes, people or animals etc. There’s no use taking photos of a subject you’re not interested in, you won’t feel passionate about it which will affect the quality of the outcome. If you’re not sure, experiment with different subjects to find what you are most happy with, most comfortable with, and most interested in taking photos of. These photos do not then need to go to waste, especially if you like the outcome, they can be added to a portfolio for future prospective employers or customers.  


Secondly, think about your editing style. Do you enjoy heavy editing to make photos more refined or keeping the editing more natural? Do you like there to be a lot happening in one edit or for it to be simple? Again, if you’re not sure, experiment with creating a range of edits. This will help you decide what editing style makes you proud of what you have created, as well as help you to teach yourself some skills in Photoshop, which can be a vital part of creating beautiful photographs. 

IMG_0559IMG_0559 IMG_0484IMG_0484

Above are two examples of photos that I took of vintage magazines and experimented with editing the crop, levels and colour balance of them. I learnt whilst taking these how to get the best perspective. To create this angle, I put the magazines on a wooden box and took the shot by shooting from a birds-eye view. I stood close to the box and positioned the camera directly above them.



Finally, think about if there’s anything you want to communicate through your photos. Do you want to show off a family or pet? Are you trying to create awareness or a change through your photographs? All these components can alter the composition of photos (the elements of it, for example pattern, texture, framing etc). Think about what you want to say before taking photos. Don’t fall into the trap of snap now, think later. Your message will not be as clear as it could be if it was planned.


Although I have spoken about planning your shots, don’t be afraid to experiment with the different settings on your camera. You could discover a setting that makes your shots stand out and makes them better than others. Just remember, especially with digital photography, to save your photos in a safe place where you’ll remember them before experimenting with the camera settings. You don’t want your photographs to be lost or deleted.  


This is a shot I took of magazines whilst experimenting with using the camera and lighting in the studio:




After my experience at Ph2o Photography Studio, I know that this is what I want to do as a career. My passion for photography has become even clearer to me and I have learnt a lot more skills that can improve my photographs. I know photography, as with any creative career, can be difficult to make into a full-time career, but with determination and passion there’s no limits to what can be achieved.


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Naming of the New Studio Doggy Doorstop! We recently asked for your help with naming our new studio doggy doorstop, after we lost our original one to a flood in our studio late last year! We had some fabulous suggestions (including many photography-related ones - Flash, Pixel, Kodak to name a few). After some careful deliberation, Rusty's successor is now named... Bailey! 


R.I.P. Rusty, you brought joy into many people's photographs! (Like these cute twins below!)


Here's to the future with our new studio mascot Bailey!


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Personal Data Privacy Notice Privacy Notice


Collection & Use

Personal data is collected by Ph2o Photography Ltd and is not shared with third parties.

The data collected consists of customer names and contact information. We only collect data relevant to the running of the business, e.g. a phone number to contact the customer about the status of their order, or a booking with us. We do not use these details for any purposes other than directly in relation to their bookings or orders with us unless the customer has given consent by ticking the ‘yes’ box on our order form.

We need to take contact information in order to provide a customer with our services. By using our services, the customer consents to giving us contact information, such as an email address, telephone number, address and family particulars.


Right to Review & Update, or be Forgotten

We keep contact details, photographs and order information in our system in case the customer returns to us in the future with queries relating to a past order. If the customer wishes us to delete their information from our system, they can contact us by email or phone asking us to do so. We will comply as long as there are no outstanding orders, for example, incomplete payments. A customer can also contact by phone or email to find out what details we currently hold for them and update as necessary.

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Shows! morris mix

Show season has officially landed, and so far, the weather has been kind to us!

This weekend, we had a busy day in the studio on the Saturday (including two parties), and on the Sunday we were enjoying the beautiful weather at Essex Young Farmers Show. There's always a wide variety of things to see and people to meet! 

Next stop, All About Dogs show at Hylands Park. The venue itself is a beautiful large space, and the show is always great fun - you can meet dogs of all sizes, shapes, colours! There's lots to see and participate in - and of course, you can also come and say hello to us :) 

So if you're looking for a fun family day out this bank holiday weekend, make your way to All About Dogs on the 27th or 28th May.

Cockrill dogs

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Beautiful Bank Holiday Weekend! Cockrill_7085Cockrill_7085

First of all, I would just like to apologise for not keeping on top of my blog posts (again!) We have been so busy around here that we struggle to find a moment to post anything! 

Secondly - what a beautiful bank holiday weekend we had, who would have thought? We spent the Saturday in the studio photographing and taking orders (which felt like a bit of a waste of the beautiful sunshine!) but we spent the Sunday and Monday at the All About Dogs show in Brentwood. A brilliant day out for man and dog as ever, lots to see and participate in, and of course, lots of gorgeous pooches to meet. 

If you missed us this weekend, don't worry - we'll be at the Essex Young Farmers Show in Roxwell on the 20th May, another fantastic day out for all the family (including the furry ones). Come along and pay us a visit :) 

Keeping with the animal theme, here's a video we made of some of the lovely pets we've photographed in recent months and years:


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Snow! We don't get a lot of snow in these parts, so when we do, it can be pretty exciting (except for all pubic transport shutting down and many of the roads being impassable..!) With these exceptions, it does make everywhere look like a winter wonderland, and can make for some magical photos!

Although we have spent a lot of time in the studio carrying out our everyday tasks, we have managed to wrap up warm and go out for a few snowy snaps. 

On another note, if you are booked in with us over the next few days and don't think you'll be able to make it in because of the weather - don't worry, please just let us know and we can re-book you for another time :)





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Why Is Professional Photography So Expensive? We get it. From the outside, it looks like all we do is take a few photographs, and then charge hundreds of pounds for it. To be honest, I personally used to be one of those people that just couldn't wrap my head around how a photographer could charge so much for a photo. That is, until I started doing it myself, and I learned that actually, there is a whole lot more involved than you might think! Just to be clear, this isn't intended as a post to have a moan - it is a post to educate others and let them know why we are priced the way we are (and trust me - it's not to rip you off or get rich!) 


Photography isn't the kind of process that requires the same level of training, the same equipment and the same amount of time for every person that completes the job. It's an art form, and where there is a creative process, every photographer will have their own approach and experience levels, different equipment and expenses, and spend different amounts of time to come to their end result. For example, there are some studios that don't do any editing work to their photos, whereas we spend a lot of time ensuring our photos are of the highest quality before they reach our customers. Because of this, just because one photographer charges X, doesn't mean we can charge X too - it's not interchangeable. 


So the time element is a large part of it - we value our integrity and aim to produce the best possible outcome for our customers. Equipment is another aspect - hobbyist photographers may be able to charge less because they have limited equipment without backups or insurance, which could be very problematic should they experience problems on a wedding or event. We also have a studio which is a great base for people to drop by and see us in a city centre location, which adds to our professionalism rather than operating from our homes. It does mean we have to pay rent, but as full time professional photographers, it's important that customers can see we are serious about what we do. Part time photographers that work around other jobs simply can't offer the same level of experience or availability, as they have other commitments doing other things. We are fully committed to providing our customers with the best service possible. 


There are various other aspects that we photographers have to cover in order to run our businesses too - different types of insurance, suppliers, bills, transport, backup photographers on standby just in case we were ill on your wedding day (which thankfully hasn't happened yet!), marketing, accountancy and book-keeping, general administrative tasks... And a whole lot more we do automatically week-in, week-out that we don't even register, because it's what we need to do to run our business. At the end of the day, we take home very little money - it's something you have to do for the love, because if you were doing it for the money - well, you wouldn't! 


So I hope this has helped you to understand why it is that photography costs what it does, and why we charge what we do. Ultimately, we charge competitive rates and we are proud of our prices and our products. We are never going to be the absolutely cheapest option, as we are never going to be able to charge what a part time hobbyist with just a camera and no editing charges - however we are happy in the knowledge that we provide a comprehensive professional level of service and are committed to creating beautiful photographs for our customers. 

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Customer Spotlight: 21st Birthday Party! IMG_6266IMG_6266

Photo parties are a great way to have a fun and different party, and you get photos to remember the occasion with! We had these 4 uni students come to our studio for a 21st birthday, and we all had a fantastic time. They came prepared with suitcases full of outfits, and brought balloons along too! 

We enjoyed the party and so did these lovely ladies, they have told us they had an amazing time and love the photos. They really went with the flow of it and let their hair down, which shows their characters in the shots.

Here are some of their favourites from the session.

IMG_6536IMG_6536 IMG_6217IMG_6217 IMG_6363IMG_6363 multimulti

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Snow Wait List! snow wait listsnow wait list

Introducing: The Snow Wait List!

With snow being so rare in these parts, it's pretty magical when it does arrive. And in the past, we've enjoyed it but let it pass us by, and then afterwards thought, 'We really should have done a photo session in the snow while we had it!' 


Up until now, that is. We're creating a waiting list for snow sessions, so that when the occasion arrives, we can go through our list and call to see who is free and up for it on the day. Beautiful photos, and making the most of a snow day.


If you'd like to join the Snow Wait List, you can contact us at any time of year to be added, ready for the winter season and (hopefully!) the arrival of snow. All session types welcome - couples, families, kids, dogs, horses - all good fun! Send us an email if you'd like to join :)


~ The Ph2o Team

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12 Top Photography Tips for Brides & Grooms


12 Top Photography Tips For Brides & Grooms


So you’ve looked at wedding photographers, you’ve got your shortlist; maybe you’ve even booked your photographer… Now what? Here are some tips to give you an insight into the wedding from the photographer’s perspective, and will help you get the best photos possible!


1. Light – Light is the key most important thing in creating a photograph. It literally makes a photograph – bad light means bad photos. Yes, experienced photographers know how to work with light to get the best out of a situation, but good light means the very best results. You may think that a bright sunny day will be great for photos, however it causes harsh shadows and if people are facing into the sun, they will be squinting. Because of this, we may turn you to a different angle than you imagined, in order to get the best shot with the available light. With winter weddings, lighting can be an issue as the light fades early – an early ceremony will help a lot with getting those group shots before it gets too dark.


2. Bridal Preparation – When the bridal party are getting ready, it’s difficult to keep things tidy, right? Hairbrushes, make-up bags and shoes tend to end up all over the place! However, you should keep in mind that if the room we are photographing you in is messy, it will look messy in your photos too. Try to keep a fairly spacious room tidy (preferably a room with a full length mirror, and maybe a bed) that we can photograph you in. It’s best to allow half an hour to take photos when the entire bridal party is ready before you need to leave. Otherwise, we have to choose between missing those finished shots of the bridal party or missing the shots of the groom and guests arriving.



3. Ceremony – Lots of vicars, priests and registrars have limitations on photography or do not allow photography during the ceremony at all. If these shots are important to you, please talk to your officiator about any limitations.


4. Group Photographs – This takes some organisation, and it’s best to arrange it in as much detail as you can beforehand. Make a list of the group shots you would like, and who needs to be in each. Enlist a family member or two with the role of getting the right relatives in for each shot. We don’t know your families and we wouldn’t want to miss out Uncle Ernie! We can’t be responsible if someone has wandered off to the bar and is not in a photo (but of course we will do everything we can to avoid this). Bear in mind that it could be a wet day (this is England after all!) and think about possible undercover locations for photos at your chosen venue. Allow good time for these group shots – 10 minutes for each large group, 5 minutes for each smaller group.


5. Couple Portraits – The key here is to allow as much time as possible. The longer we have, the better your couple portraits will be. These are the ones you will want in a frame on your wall, so take the time out to get some lovely shots. Be aware that we can only work with what is there – we can’t create the sunny meadow shots you’ve got on your Pinterest board if it’s an urban setting on a wet day. That being said, we will always get some beautiful shots – just don’t have too specific expectations.


6. Surprises – We think surprises for the bride, groom or both create the best reaction photographs! However, please let us know beforehand so that we can have the right kind of equipment prepared. We won’t spill the beans, we promise!


7. Smile! – Lots of people are so nervous and have so much on their mind on their big day, that they forget to smile for their photographs! Try to relax and get in the flow of the day as much as possible, you will be so glad you did when you see your photos. Again, the first dance can be quite shy, which is totally understandable – for most people, it’s not everyday you dance with everybody watching. But gaze into each other’s eyes, have a cuddle, and the emotion will translate beautifully in the photographs.


8. Down-Time Shots - It’s a good idea to do some extra couple shots during the down time between dinner and the reception. For summertime weddings, the light is usually lovely at this time, and you’re probably feeling much more relaxed with some food (and wine) in your belly!


9. Editing Requests – Please talk to us about any editing requests you have, but be realistic. As powerful as Photoshop is, it is very time-consuming and if you have 400+ photographs, we can’t do a full edit on every one. However, if you have a couple of shots that you would love to have up on the wall except there’s a blemish on your skin or a flyaway strand of hair, we can sort these things out for you. Chat to us about what you would like done and we will let you know what is possible.


10. Trust Your Photographer - Remember to be open to your photographer’s ideas and trust them – although we do the standard ‘must-have’ shots, we are also creative by nature and the results can be amazing and different. As recent bride Elizabeth puts it, "Every idea she suggested no matter how silly or weird has produced our favourite photos by far!"


11. Pre-Wedding Meeting - We like to meet with you before your wedding to discuss details. As well as talking about the photography, we’d like to know as much about your wedding as possible. The schedule and a copy of the group shots list are particularly helpful, but the finer details also help give us an overall sense of your day and who you are as a couple. Let us know if there are any particular shots that are especially important to you to capture. We of course try not to miss a moment of your day, but it is possible that we might not get everything if two things are happening at once, or we were unaware that something was happening – unfortunately this is just the way of it. This is why it’s best to give us as much information as possible about the day so that we can try to cover every aspect.


12. Engagement Shoot - It’s a great idea to have an engagement shoot with your photographer, as you get to know us and we get to know you. You’re probably not used to being posed or kissing in front of a stranger, so it’s a good warm-up for the big day. Plus, you can display your engagement shots at your wedding.


There you have it, folks – our top tips for your wedding photography! If you would like some information about our weddings (or would just like to tell us all about yours!), feel free to give us a call or send us an email. You can also check out our wedding gallery here and our price lists here.

- The Ph2o Team
























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*NEW* Baby Bumps & Pet Photography Vouchers! baby bumps voucherbaby bumps voucherBaby Bumps Photography Voucher
A lasting memory of that precious time before meeting the new arrival.
1 hour photo session and a mounted 8"x6" print of your favourite shot for £20.
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We've just added a brand new set of vouchers to our vouchers section! While the Baby Steps Collection and Family vouchers have had a re-design, we've also introduced two brand new vouchers - the Baby Bump voucher and the Pet Photography voucher.

These make perfect gifts for someone who is expecting, or someone who is crazy about their pet(s)! A totally personal gift that they can keep forever, and nobody else will have one exactly the same. All vouchers can be personalised with your own message too. 

We also have vouchers for Valentines and Mothers Day available if you're getting prepared in advance! 

Take a look at our vouchers page for all the options, and either purchase online or contact us directly. Don't forget, we have a January sale running too, so if you're looking to buy a voucher before the end of January, you could save some money! 

Personalised Mothers Day Gift VoucherPersonalised Mothers Day Gift VoucherPerfect Gift for Mother's Day!
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Purchase the voucher either online or by contacting us, and let us know what personalised message you'd like in the 'instructions' section in the shopping cart (if desired). We'll then post your personalised voucher to you.

Terms & Conditions Apply, please enquire for details.

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Customer Spotlight: Engagement

We had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple late last year, and we had lots of fun! They had become engaged earlier in the year, and so they decided to celebrate with a photo session. 

We took a wide variety of photos in different styles - light and natural, contrasty and serious, having fun, being silly - all different combinations! We've decided to share some of their favourite shots here :)

A truly fantastic couple to work with, and we wish them all the best in their wedding planning! 





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January Sale!

The sale is on!


We've got some great deals for January, from as little as £25. Save up to £120 with our great voucher deals, available in January only :) 

If you haven't already, head over to our January sale page and grab a bargain! 


~ The Ph2o Team

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Family Favourites of 2017 With the new year upon us, we decided to put together a few of our favourite photos from family shoots in 2017. It was very hard to choose! There were, of course, lots of gorgeous family shots from the year, and so we have taken a variety of cuddles, more serious and intimate natural moments, and fun shots to put in our mix. We're looking forward to the year ahead and the lovely families we will work with, and fun animals we will meet!

Here's to the New Year, and we hope 2018 is good to you all!

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Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! We thought we'd take this opportunity to post something a bit different - our very own Valerie Champney helps us out at the studio every week and we are so grateful. What many may not realise is that she's a talented artist, and while she considers it a hobby, we think her watercolours are fantastic :) here's a stag she painted for her Christmas cards that we made for her this year. Thanks Val for all you do.

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Christmas Opening Times Psst... Christmas is only 10 days away!!

Our Opening Times over the Festive Period are as follows: 
Normal hours up until Saturday 23rd December. 
24th Dec until 1st Jan - Closed. 
2nd Jan - Normal hours resume. 
We like to close for a week over Christmas as we are always so busy and working all hours in the run-up to Christmas, however if you need to have a photo shoot during this time (e.g. family flying over for only a few days), we will do what we can to accommodate you! Contact us if you have any special requirements :) 

In the meantime, take a look at these cute twins we had in the studio recently - aren't they adorable?!

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Customer Spotlight: Titus the Cat

We do love welcoming animals into our studio! Not long ago, we had Titus and his lovely owners in for some family photos, and Titus was the star of the show. Titus' mum is a fan of Alice in Wonderland, so we just had to do a wonderland-themed design for them. 

She also gave us a glowing review: "I had a really fun day getting photos of my cat, Titus done! And very pleased with the results, especially the Alice in Wonderland themed pic! Thank you :-) "

She also added,  "I love it so much; it's in my lounge!"

Thanks Sandra! We love happy customers and happy cats :) 

~ The Ph2o Team

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Book for Christmas now! pavesi_6232pavesi_6232

Ph2o_0967Ph2o_0967 Yes I know, Christmas seems ages away! But in photography, we get booked up in advance as it's our busiest time of the year. It also takes us a while to get your photos edited and ready to collect - because of this, our cut off for orders to be ready before Christmas is 30th November. This means you'll need to have come in and had your photos taken, then come back and chosen what you'd like to order before this date. 

Don't worry, we still have some spaces left at the moment! But it's best to get in contact with us and book up as soon as possible so you don't miss out! 

If you're worried you won't have a chance to get all this organised in time, but would like to give the gift of professional photography to someone special, we've got the solution for you - a photography gift voucher. The voucher can be given on Christmas Day and the organisation of getting everyone together to have the photos taken can be sorted out in the new year (when we have more availability!) These vouchers can be from £20 upwards, and can be personalised with your own message. 

If you'd like to get one of our vouchers or find out more, get in contact or head over to the voucher section of our website. 

~ The Ph2o Team

Christmas gift voucher 17Christmas gift voucher 17

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Customer Spotlight: Baby Bump & Big Sister What a gorgeous family! That time before meeting Baby is so special, and this family came in to celebrate it, with photos to show both the kids when they are older. We love capturing memories like this, in a way that tells a story and shows the bond between all family members, and their love for the new arrival. 

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How We Help You Choose the Best Photographs Of course, it's totally up to the customer what photos they would like to choose to purchase from their photo session. If they cooke_0007cooke_0007 know what they want, then great, we're happy to go along with that. However, we often have customers that struggle to pick the best of the bunch - so here's how we can help, when it's needed...


1. For starters, in our initial edit of your photo session, we take out photos that are doubles of the same thing, or blinking shots (unless we have a specific reason to leave them in). There's no reason to take up more of your time and make your decision harder with two identical shots!


2. We edit what we believe to be some of the best shots and put them together into designs. This can help you to see what the photos look like edited and also get an insight into what we as photographers believe are some of the best photos. It also helps you to visualise how different photos can be combined artistically together into a mix design to go on your wall. Ultimately you might choose different photos to go in the designs, and we can advise you on what shots will work artistically. 


3. Different products require photos to crop into a certain shape. For example, our acrylic and wood multi slots are usually for square photos, but photos are always shot in a rectangular format. Therefore, we can help you with what photos will crop appropriately for the products and designs you want, and also what combinations to have to balance a design - e.g. the thomas_7940thomas_7940 right number of black backgrounds to go with white backgrounds, or how many photos of the kids, individuals and the whole family you could have to make the design work best. 


4. We read your reactions. If you're stuck between one that you had an instant 'wow' reaction to, and one that you don't seem 100% sure about - we can pick up on this and let you know! 


We know making the decision can be hard and can take some time - don't worry, we're used to it! But we're happy to help wherever we can, so feel free to use us to help you make your decision as much as you like. 

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