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Why Photography Session Vouchers Make An Amazing Gift

January 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

... OK, so we're a little biased on this one!

But bear with us here - we can back it up, I promise. 

There are a huge number of articles circulating now based on consumer behaviour studies, which show that far more than ever before, 'consumers want experiences, not things'. Take a look at your social media feeds - there are far more people showing off their amazing meals out with the people they love, and breathtaking photos from their trips around the world, than showing off their fabulous new designer handbags. This shift shows people valuing experiences over stuff far more than ever before. 

With photography sessions, you get the best of both worlds - you get to have a fun professional photo session experience with loved ones (or on your own if you prefer!), and then you can keep the memories of the experience forever in a frame on your wall, or a book on your coffee table. Each photo session is tailored to fit each customer, and so your experience will be totally bespoke - and so is the creative edit we put together individually for every customer. It's also a great present in that literally anyone can make use of it - for every confident client that enters our studio, we get two that don't like having their photo taken! We make them feel comfortable, get some lovely shots and they always end up happy with the results. 

Portrait Photography Experience Vouchers are the perfect present for any occasion - birthdays, Valentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Easter, engagement, new baby (or new pet, for anyone else as crazy about their pets as I am! - Jo) And they can be used for a variety of styles of shoot - extended family groups, small families, couples, babies, pets, fashion model, fitness or boudoir style - we're happy to do it all. You can decide for yourself which style of shoot to buy, or you can leave it up to the recipient to decide. We also have a whole range of prices from £20, we're happy to tailor the voucher to whatever price you'd like. You can also customise it with whatever personalised message you like (for example, "Dear Amy & Dan, Congratulations on your new arrival! Best wishes, The Randal Family"). 

Check out our vouchers page, or contact us if you'd like some more information on our vouchers. 

~ The Ph2o Team


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