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At What Age Should I Have Professional Photos of my Baby?

March 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We often hear the question, "What age should I bring my baby in for a professional photo shoot?" - and to an extent, it's hard to answer as we would love to capture every milestone! However, since the purse strings usually can't allow for capturing every moment, we've put together some advice to help you decide when you should book your baby's photo sessions for...

The first milestone is actually before birth - a maternity shoot! Usually at around 8 months is best, and we can get really artistic with it, some great contrasty lighting and it can be super cute to get a photo of any older siblings with the bump. 

Second milestone is newborn, at approximately 2 weeks old - they are still really tiny and sleepy and haven't lost their curled-up posture just yet. 

From then on, it really depends on just how much mobility you would like in the photos - as they grow they begin to smile, lift their heads up (which is great for photography), and then begin to sit, and stand while holding onto furniture. We have props suitable for babies of all ages, from newborn and unable to sit up unaided, right up to standing and beyond. Since all babies develop at their own pace, it's best to judge it by how far along your own baby is in development, but bear in mind what they can do compared with what you would like them doing in the photographs. For example, really young babies won't smile, may not look at the camera and will probably be sleeping a lot - which we think is really cute and sweet, but might not be what you are looking for in your baby photos. 

Then there is another type of photo shoot you might like for your baby, the 1st Birthday Cake Smash (or the Smash & Splash!) If you haven't heard of it - this is where a brightly coloured cake is set in front of a baby for their first birthday, and we take photos as baby demolishes it! These photo sessions are usually full of character and fun (if a little - or a lot - messy!) If it's a Smash & Splash session, we then take photos of the clean-up process of baby in a tub, getting squeaky clean again. 

We hope this helps you to get an idea of the different types of baby photo sessions for different ages, but don't forget that as much as photos of your baby on his/her own are lovely, you should also get some photos with their sibling(s) and/or parents - mum and dad sometimes don't want to be in the photos, but it's great to get some shots of the whole family to look back on when your baby is older. 

To make capturing various stages of development a bit easier on the bank account, we've put together a Baby Steps Collection, which includes 3x photo sessions at different milestones of your choice, plus a 10"x8" print from each, for just £50. 

- The Ph2o Team


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