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How to Prepare for your Dog Photo Session

April 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So you've booked in for a photo session for your pooch - what next? 

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your photo session...

If your dog is usually fluffy around the eyes, clip it so his eyes are clearly visible. It looks so much better in the photographs if you can see your pup's eyes! 

Is your dog used to camera flash? We always do test shots before starting so that your dog can get used to the flash without thinking of it being associated with him. That being said, any practise with a camera flash beforehand is only going to make your dog more comfortable by the time it comes round to the photo session. 

Think about if there are any special tricks he can do. Are there any interesting things your dog can do that we should know about, for example, from training classes? Are there any specific shots you'd like to aim for? It's good to have a think about these things before you come in just so we don't miss something out that you would have liked. 

Bring favourite toys and treats. Toys can be great to grab your dog's attention, and can also be used as a prop, which is more personal to you. Treats are good for introducing later on in the session as needed - if used too early, that's all your pup will think about!

What words get your dog's attention? These can be used to get an enthusiastic and engaged expression right at the camera at the right time!

A final word of advice - although of course we will give your dog lots of attention, it's best not to over-do it during the photo session as dogs are very good at sensing when something's different and might get suspicious! A calm approach with breaks in the attention we give him will make him feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

We hope these tips help you prepare for your photo session and you have a fun photography experience with your dog! 

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- The Ph2o Team


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