Ph2o Photography | Our 'Display for Everyday' Ethos

Our 'Display for Everyday' Ethos

May 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

IMG_7479IMG_7479 What we mean by 'Display for Everyday', is that we don't just show off our very best images for our display - we strive to create portfolio-worthy photographs for every customer. And not just that, but a whole range of beautiful photographs for everyone that we would be proud to put our name to. Here's an example of this - a family we had in recently which perfectly sums up our ethos of creating a whole set of gorgeous photographs that really captures the family dynamic and who they are as people (and dog!) They were great fun to have in the studio, as you can see in their family video... 

The main wall piece they chose was a favourite of ours, the wood multi. These are particularly close to our hearts as we came up with the concept and hand-make each of the high quality, solid wood multis ourselves (which also means we can do bespoke shapes and layouts). They're getting increasingly popular and we're looking to expand into some different wood shades and maybe even a metal option - watch this space for developments! 



If you'd like some more information about our family photo sessions or our wood multi frames, please feel free to get in touch.


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