Ph2o Photography | 1st Birthday Cake Smash & Splash!

1st Birthday Cake Smash & Splash!

June 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Ph2o_traditional smashPh2o_traditional smash This lovely family travelled all the way to us from Medway (mum & baby), and Ipswich (aunt). It was baby's auntie that bought the photo session as a present for her nephew's first birthday, after being recommended to us.  Ph2o_1432Ph2o_1432

He was a happy chappy, shy at first but he soon warmed up to us and the whole idea. He started off in traditional garb with a traditional cake bread home baked by his auntie (great forward planning, Auntie!) With a little help, he got the hang of what to do. The lovely colours and textures really work well in these shots (plus his happy face, of course!)  

We moved onto the next cake - a rainbow sprinkles-covered one with a bright and colourful centre. (We were sweeping up sprinkles for a week!) By this point baby had got a bit more confident with the smashing and with some encouragement, got nice and messy in the cake. 

Once the cake was sufficiently destroyed, we set up the bath shot. Photo shoots rarely go 100% to plan and on this occasion, our little lad wasn't happy about getting in the water! However, we made it work - we created a bath time scene, which kept both photographers and baby happy! He was intrigued by the bubbles and enjoyed trying to catch them, and lounging in a towel with some yellow rubber duckies. 

After the shoot, we did our creative process and came up with some arty designs of the gorgeous boy. We all thought they were very cute shots, and a great way to celebrate and remember his very first birthday!



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