Ph2o Photography | Customer Spotlight: Chinchillas!

Customer Spotlight: Chinchillas!

July 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

clark chinchilla mixclark chinchilla mix

As we have said before, we love photographing all types of pets, so we were happy to welcome the slightly more unusual chinchillas into our studio. It's the first time I've personally handled chinchillas and I was pleasantly surprised! I thought they might be very excitable and bouncing off the walls, but in fact they were not like that at all - they were pretty calm, sweet and have such cute little faces. They were keen to explore the studio and we got some lovely shots of them investigating our various props. It was actually the first time these two had officially met, and they got on absolutely fine, as you can see from the photo of them touching noses.

The owners just brought in another of their pets, a Persian Jird, at the weekend for a photo session, so keep an eye out for a follow-up blog post! 

clark_8874clark_8874 clark_8818clark_8818   clark_8808clark_8808 clark_8814clark_8814   clark_8867clark_8867


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