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How To Prepare for an Equestrian Photo Shoot

July 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

There are various things to consider when preparing for your horse's photo session. Here are our top tips for making the most of your equine photo shoot!


- Think about what you'd like to be wearing in your photos. We have a separate post in the pipelines to help with your styling for equestrian sessions, so watch this space - but for now, we would suggest thinking about a few different outfits, for example: maybe something you wear for competitions, something casual like jeans and boots, or something a bit more unusual like a dress (not practical to wear everyday with horses, but great for photos!) 

- Classic-looking tack works best for timeless photos, whereas bright colours tend to detract from the simple elegance of the horse. Unless specific colours are desired to fit in with the overall styling of horse and owner, clean leather tack would give the best photographic results. 

- Shiny coats look the best in photography, so it's worth prepping your horse in terms of grooming beforehand. 

- Take note of what gets his attention and makes him put his ears forward. As all horses are different, knowing what 'gets ears' with your horse can be useful in a photo shoot!

- Location - although yards often have some lovely settings, sometimes an alternative location can work better. Consider whether a trip to another location would be a better option photographically, if your horse would be comfortable with this. 

- It can often be beneficial to have someone that can assist you with getting your horse ready, yourself ready, and help out with some of the background bits and pieces on the shoot, such as getting ears. It's great to have someone familiar with horses to help, especially if the horse is already familiar with them. 


We hope you find these tips useful, and please feel free to contact us if you'd like any other advice for your photo shoot! 

~ The Ph2o Team


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