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How We Help You Choose the Best Photographs

September 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Of course, it's totally up to the customer what photos they would like to choose to purchase from their photo session. If they cooke_0007cooke_0007 know what they want, then great, we're happy to go along with that. However, we often have customers that struggle to pick the best of the bunch - so here's how we can help, when it's needed...


1. For starters, in our initial edit of your photo session, we take out photos that are doubles of the same thing, or blinking shots (unless we have a specific reason to leave them in). There's no reason to take up more of your time and make your decision harder with two identical shots!


2. We edit what we believe to be some of the best shots and put them together into designs. This can help you to see what the photos look like edited and also get an insight into what we as photographers believe are some of the best photos. It also helps you to visualise how different photos can be combined artistically together into a mix design to go on your wall. Ultimately you might choose different photos to go in the designs, and we can advise you on what shots will work artistically. 


3. Different products require photos to crop into a certain shape. For example, our acrylic and wood multi slots are usually for square photos, but photos are always shot in a rectangular format. Therefore, we can help you with what photos will crop appropriately for the products and designs you want, and also what combinations to have to balance a design - e.g. the thomas_7940thomas_7940 right number of black backgrounds to go with white backgrounds, or how many photos of the kids, individuals and the whole family you could have to make the design work best. 


4. We read your reactions. If you're stuck between one that you had an instant 'wow' reaction to, and one that you don't seem 100% sure about - we can pick up on this and let you know! 


We know making the decision can be hard and can take some time - don't worry, we're used to it! But we're happy to help wherever we can, so feel free to use us to help you make your decision as much as you like. 


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