Ph2o Photography | Customer Spotlight: 21st Birthday Party!

Customer Spotlight: 21st Birthday Party!

January 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Photo parties are a great way to have a fun and different party, and you get photos to remember the occasion with! We had these 4 uni students come to our studio for a 21st birthday, and we all had a fantastic time. They came prepared with suitcases full of outfits, and brought balloons along too! 

We enjoyed the party and so did these lovely ladies, they have told us they had an amazing time and love the photos. They really went with the flow of it and let their hair down, which shows their characters in the shots.

Here are some of their favourites from the session.

IMG_6536IMG_6536 IMG_6217IMG_6217 IMG_6363IMG_6363 multimulti


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