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Snow Wait List!

January 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

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Introducing: The Snow Wait List!

With snow being so rare in these parts, it's pretty magical when it does arrive. And in the past, we've enjoyed it but let it pass us by, and then afterwards thought, 'We really should have done a photo session in the snow while we had it!' 


Up until now, that is. We're creating a waiting list for snow sessions, so that when the occasion arrives, we can go through our list and call to see who is free and up for it on the day. Beautiful photos, and making the most of a snow day.


If you'd like to join the Snow Wait List, you can contact us at any time of year to be added, ready for the winter season and (hopefully!) the arrival of snow. All session types welcome - couples, families, kids, dogs, horses - all good fun! Send us an email if you'd like to join :)


~ The Ph2o Team


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